HLRPP2 - Socialized Housing Loan Take-out of Receivables (SHelTeR)

The HLRPP 2-SHelTeR Program shall cover the purchase of housing loan receivables of Socialized Housing Projects:

  • Consisting of a house and lot or condominium unit
  • Loan value of Php 480,000 up to P750,000 or as defined by the NHMFC

Loan Amount

Maximum Loanable amount is P580,000.00 for horizontal projects and P750,000.00 for vertical condominium projects, but depending on the location of the property


The loan term is up to 30 years

Interest Rates

Annual interest rate is 4.5% fixed for the first 10 years to be repriced to 6.5% which is fixed from the 11th year up to the end of the loan term.

Fees and Charges
  • Processing Fee P2,000/account
  • Appraisal Fee P1,000/account
  • One year prepaid MRI and Fire Insurances