How to avail of the Program

1 Originating institution submits letter starting intent to sell their housing loan receivables to NHMFC.

2 Originating institution advise buyers that balance of their housing loan will be sold/transferred to NHMFC

3 NHMFC Conducts due diligence on:
a) The originating institution
b) Buyer (to determine existence/capacity to pay)
c) Property inspection/appraisal

4 Originating institution and borrower receives notice approval.

5 NHMFC releases take-out proceeds to the originating institution.

6 Borrower issues 25 post-dated checks to cover monthly amortization payments and one guaranty check to cover balance












  • Interest Rate: As low as 6.54% up to 10.41 depending on the term of the term of the loan and the classification of the originator.
  • Number of working days for Due Diligence on the portfolio and loan originator
  • Voucher Processing and Payment : 11 days